Forwarding and Shipping Agency  since 1875
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Our Company in Pozzallo port Area

The brand “Boccadifuoco” has deep roots, as a matter of fact she born in the end of 19th century, exactly in 1875 as Giovanni Boccadifuoco F., which one started operating in Syracuse port with particular care of the exportation and carriage of grain & cereals and almonds.
The Boccadifuoco Shipping office is very close to the port area and the Operation Department which is a department responsible of shipping matters, achieve the best effort to solve and develop with their best efficiency any concerning matters with a qualified personnel, cooperating together with the Shipping Agent. The firm wish to emphasize that our staffs gives to our customers various enhancing supports relating to their daily needs, thanks to the 40th years experiences grown necessary to face various forwarding & shipping matters. Shareholder value through safe, quality operations is at the core of all of the Company's activities.
Thanks to the engagement and conclusive strategies of the past, the Boccadifuoco Shipping has become a very important presence in every sector of Shipping & Forwarding Agency, achieving itself in our days as a solid, capable society opened to all challenges of the future.


Via P.Mascagni, 2 - 97016 POZZALLO (RG)   tel: 0932-953.444/797.807    fax: 0932-797.531    e-mail:
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